out to lunch


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OUT TO LUNCH, the Novel

After  writing twenty-plus books for young readers  I recently changed course to write novels for  older readers. Much older readers!

Beyond sixty, at varying degrees of wrinkliness, and enjoying life as never before!  

Who knew wrinkles could be so liberating? 

But there are downsides. Imagine feeling great, more energized than ever in your life, and having a lifetime of experience and hard-won knowledge to draw upon, but so often being perceived as irrelevant, incompetent, and even invisible thanks to grey in your hair and wrinkles on your face. 


Out to Lunch  is a crime novel that takes one step toward changing that perception by featuring active, involved, older women who use their skills and  life experience to solve crimes when no one else cares enough take the time.

Old friends Darla, recently widowed, Maureen whose life partner suffered a massive stroke, and Inge the eternal romantic meet every Wednesday for lunch. 

Inge, who refuses to believe she has aged, announces she has met a new man, again. The love of her life, again. Inge reluctantly admits she met Don online but is even more reluctant to admit he is almost twenty years younger than her. She walks out when they warn her not to lend him money.

Tha'ts when Maureen and Darla get to work.

But can they out-scam a professional scammer?