out to lunch


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Out to Lunch combines two of my favorite things: 

Going Out to Lunch 


Writing my crime novels-- 

Out to Lunch Investigations

After  writing twenty-something books for young readers, including  Sea Dog for primary ages, 


Spoiled Rotten for pre-teens, 


and No Problem for teens,


I made a decision to continue up life's ladder, zip past young adulthood, avoid middle age, and not stop until I reached the sixty-plus years.


Because I enjoy writing for and about the people I know best and these days I know a lot of seniors.

How come? 

It seems that somehwere along the way life happened

and suddenly I am one!

Seniors are sharing this secret:

The good news is that life beyond sixty can be better than ever!

It's time to do what you want when you want. 

Time to forget what anyone else might think. 

Time to learn new skills and hone the old ones. 

At varying degrees of wrinkliness, no longer stressing over school, kids, work, or how attractive they might look to others, seniors have time to enjoy life as never before.  

Who knew wrinkles could be so liberating? 

 Out to Lunch the series, features active, involved older women who put their accumulated skills and lifetimes of experience to good use solving crimes when no one else has time. 

Three old friends, recently widowed Darla, Maureen whose husband suffered a massive stroke, and Inge the eternal romantic who can't accept that she has aged, go Out to Lunch every Wednesday. 

Out to Lunch, Book One

When Inge, firm in the belief that she has not aged like all her friends and colleagues, gushes over her French fries about her new man, her soul mate, her friends have questions. 

  Questions that force Inge to admit that she met this man through an online dating site. It gets worse. Don is almost twenty years younger  than herself. 

But when they warn Inge not to lend him money she accuses them of being jealous and storms out of the restaurant leaving them to pay the bill.

The time has come for retired drama teacher, Darla,  and ex-cop, Maureen, to pool their resources and two lifetimes of experiences to protect Inge's life savings before it's too late.

Using her considerable computer skills, Maureen tracks "Don Juan" down but soon realizes Inge is not his only target. Far from it. That's when Darla gets into the act by taking on the role of a wealthy widow to meet this man in one of his aliases and bring him to justice.

But can two sixty-something women out-scam a professional scammer?