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Government House, Victoria, BC
Fifty years later...
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After writing twenty-plus books for young readers from seven to seventeen I climbed decades worth of rungs up the age ladder to write novels for older readers. 

And by older, I do mean old! 

Beyond sixty, at varying degrees of wrinkliness, and enjoying life as never before!  

Who knew collecting wrinkles could be so liberating? 

And thus Revenge of the Wrinklies was born. A novel featuring active, involved, older women.

Two old friends who meet once a week for lunch in a variety of choice Nanaimo restaurants, must combine their lifetimes of skills to rescue Inge, the third member of their lunch trio who doesn't believe she needs rescuing at all.  

But can they out-scam a professional scammer? 

Don Johns, Alias Ace, is a younger man who makes a lucrative living by conning lonely widows out of their life savings. And right now he is courting Inge.

Revenge of the Wrinklies  is soon to be released. But  the Wrinklies are just getting started!

When word of mouth brings pleas for help from other seniors, our intrepid out-to-lunchers establish Out to Lunch Investigations to tackle their new cases. Wrongful Confession is the first.

Revenge of the Wrinklies
Boston Pizza, Parry Sound Ontario
A restaurant tike a friendly, family home with a view!


"Out to Lunch Adventures" is a restaurant review. Predominantly for Vancouver Island restaurants, but after several road trips  from Nova Scotia to BC and stopping for many lunches along the way we also offer suggestions on where to find good food in many parts of our big and beautiful country.

For example, this "Old Home-Style" Boston Pizza we discovered  in Parry Sound Ontario, on our way back from a side trip to Owen Sound and on to Sudbury.

Island Queen Cruise, Georgian Bay

Parry Sound

This is the view from the Boston Pizza patio, in the charming, friendly community of Parry Sound where we stopped for lunch and a quick visit. It was a beautiful warm day in mid-October. 

October is a great time for a road trip across Canada. The heat, humidity, and crowds of summer have waned, and snow has yet to make an appearance. Usually.

The only downside is that some adventures such as a tour among the beautiful islands of Georgian Bay on this  little cruise ship may have closed for the season. 

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