Campbell River to Mississauga and back




Early in October 2017 we left Comox, BC airport on a mid-morning flight to Mississauga, ON with a change of planes in Calgary, AB where we had hoped to catch a quick lunch. Turned out there wasn’t  enough time. No problem, how could we be hungry after our free snack on the 1 hour 40 minute flight?

To be honest, a bottle of water and a bag of nacho chips smaller than a playing card doesn’t quite fill me up, but no problem. Another snack awaited on the 3 hour 40 minute flight to Pearson Airport. This time it was pretzels and a choice of coffee, tea, or water. Yum! There must have been at least four miniature pretzels in that teeny plastic bag! We ate them slowly and finished off with a dessert of Tic-Tacs I found in my purse.

It was almost nine by the time we found our shuttle to the Travelodge Hotel, Toronto Airport in Mississauga and checked into our room. I kept reminding myself that it was only six o’clock at home so I really shouldn’t be too hungry. Oddly, that didn’t help. 

We were delighted to see a Keg right next door to the hotel, but that was for tomorrow night when we could kick back and enjoy. Tonight we’d go down to the hotel restaurant. Sadly, one little detail the Travelodge had neglected to mention was that the hotel itself was under renovations and the promised restaurant was closed.

No problem. From our room we spotted the Airport Grill across the road so made our way to it. Unfortunatley they close at nine. But the good news is, they took pity on us and made a burger for Gary and a chicken salad for me to take back to our room. It was all suprisingly good!

Day Two

Breakfast at the Marriot Hotel in the next block the next day. It was a basic buffet, not worth the $47.00 charge, but good enough. We took a taxi to Milton where it took half the day to get the car we purchased to drive back home. No lunch!

We spent the rest of the day in Toronto, getting lost in traffic and visiting the ROM, then got caught in rush hour traffic as well as lost on our way back, thanks to our GPS lady who seemed as confused as we were by too much traffic.

Dinner at The Keg made up for everything that went wrong. It was awesome! Keg Caesar salad, Steak Oscar, and Jackson Triggs red wine, great atmosphere, good service, and a relaxing dinner.

Good thing too because the night ahead was less than relaxing! First a hockey team of kids running up and down the halls, screaming until near midnight. When they settled down the parents sat outside their rooms talking, laughing drinking and getting louder until the hotel manager finally asked them to be quiet as other guests needed their sleep because they had early flights.

By one all was quiet. Until the dripping started. It sounded like the shower had turned itself on but no. When I got up to look, water was streaming down above the closet door, splashing and pooling on the floor. Soon it was coming under the walls, soaking the carpet, and heading for the bed and our luggage.

Gary couldn’t reach the desk so I got dressed and went down to the lobby. It took a while, but the desk clerk finally roused manager  who came up to survey the mess. In the end we packed up all our things and were moved to another room on another floor.

Moral of the story: ask beforehand if your hotel is undergoing renovations!

Good news: we got a free night!

Day Three

For breakfast we headed back toward Milton, on the way to Niagara on the Lake. We soon discovered it isn’t easy finding a family restaurant in Milton. There are lots of ethnic restaurants but we wanted a good, old-fashioned Canadian style breakfast. We were in luck, a woman directed us to Cora’s where we enjoyed an excellent breakfast. Good coffee, yummy spinach and cheddar omelet and reasonable prices. 

Day Four

To come

And More

to come