Crossbow; Orca Book Publishers, 2007

In this excerpt Matthew is hiking through the woods to the isolated log cabin he built for himself.

I felt light and free, like an escaped prisoner. Tonight, for the first time ever, I would sleep up here on my own. Just me and the wilderness. I wanted to bellow out in triumph, like a big old bull elk. But I had almost reached my cabin, so I loped along on silent feet. Like a creature of the wild, I approached my lair in silence. I showed down, advanced cautiously, stayed on high alert to keep my territory safe from predators.

Fourteen year old Matthew’s sole ambition in life is to be a hermit. He wants to live alone in the wilderness where he doesn’t need to deal with people.

When he meets a real hermit, Matt looks up to him. But when neighboring houses start being robbed night after night  Matt starts to wonder if his new friend is might be the thief.

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