Spoiled Rotten


Spoiled Rotten was first published way back in 1991 as part of Maxwell Macmillan Canada’s Series 2000. But in 2002 Maxwell Macmillan ceased to exist and took Spoiled Rotten along with it.

So I was thrilled when, in  2005 Orca books brought it back to life in a new revised edition ias an Orca Currents--short fast-paced novels designed to entice reluctant

readers aged 10-14 into the excting world of books.

Since 2005 Spoiled Rotten has been reprinted several times and the front cover has morphed and changed along the way. The latest version, with the title in pink, was released just recently, in spring 2018.

Spoiled Rotten is a best-seller and a popular Tumble Reads book. It is also available in as an audio book in four Scandinavian languages through GIRL:IT