A Leena O’Neil Mystery

Disappearing Act is another fast-paced Orca Rapid Read.

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“Sometimes a quick, easy read is just what you need.”

                                                --Randee Baty

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Disappearing Act…

    An excerpt

So far, no one had reported me missing. But to be fair, they may not have noticed I was gone. Mother always said I was too quiet for my own good. Maybe she was right.

Four,” the detective continued. “Never call your mother, girlfriend, sister or anyone else from a traceable phone. Never.”

“Okay. Got that covered.” I knew what would happen if I called my mother. She’d put me on hold. Either that or ask me to call back later. Same for my sister. Been there. Done that.

My back pocket blared out a Rhino ringtone. I grabbed my phone on the second ring. Stared at the screen. Gina! Typical. I say my sister would never talk to me, and two seconds later she’s proving me wrong. Gina was always the perfect one. The sister who could do no wrong, who was never too quiet. Gina was the smart one with the perfect career, the perfect husband, the perfect life. If Gina went missing, everyone would notice.

The phone rang again, shivering in my hand. My finger hovered over the screen. Push up to answer. Push down to decline. I dropped the phone on the table and sprinted over to the radio. Switched it off.

    My phone rang a fourth and final time. I remained by the radio--tense, waiting. Finally, I sauntered back. Picked up the phone.