Spoiled Rotten


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I landed heavily on the rough wood of the dock. Somehow I tripped over the rope in my hand and fell sideways. But I never let go of that rope. I scrambled to my feet and eased the boat against the dock. Dad stepped off to tie the stern rope while I tied the bow. I waited for him to say, "Nice work," or "Well done," or maybe, "Sorry I yelled at you," but he didn't even look my way. He patted the pockets of his shorts. "Anyone seen my wallet?" he asked.

Amy appeared from nowhere. "I'll get it Dad," she said and disappeared into the cabin. 

I stared after her. Dad? Since when was he her dad? This kid wanted everything that was mine. 

Jessica loves her yearly backpacking trip with her father, but this year everything has changed. This year Jessica has to share her vacation with her new stepmother and her spoiled new stepsister, Amy. Jessica tries to salvage her holiday by sneaking off for a day hike alone, but Amy follows. Jessica is certain that Amy will ruin the day. Amy rises to the challenge of the rigorous hike and Jessica learns that Amy is not as spoiled as she thought. When Amy is injured and night falls, Jessica must face the challenge of hiking through bear country in the dark.
Also available as an audio book translated in German, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish editions published by GIRL:IT  by Stabenfeldthttp://www.stabenfeldt.com/http://ca.yahoo.com/shapeimage_1_link_0